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“The Happiness of your thoughts depends on the Quality of your thoughts” -Marcus Aurelius 

Have you ever heard this quote? I saw it on a  post about two years ago, and I was smitten! I have written these words on every journal, I put it in my email signature,  I post it like a hundred times a year, basically I am obsessed.   I realized this was the explanation for a lot of my happy times, and for some of the sad times in my life. To make the story short, I decided right then and there, that I would not work for my thoughts, but they would work for me.

Happy, angry, excited, devastated, overwhelmed or sad, it all depends on your thoughts and the story they are telling you. Are they empowering, or are they belittling? Are they positive or are they negative? Are they ego driven or are they full of  gratefulness? The constant type of thought in your head will decide your moods, and your moods will affect the reaction you have in everyday situations and with all sorts of relationships in your life.

Only you can decide the type of vibe you set for yourself and others around you. It’s important to remember that you are not defined by your thoughts, and once in a while, scary, bad, or even  abusive thoughts can enter your mind, it is up to you to keep the upper hand.  To be aware of those thoughts and not to fight them, but let them through, acknowledge them and then let them go. Turn around and focus on the good thoughts that make you feel inspired, motivated, active, and alive. Thoughts that are focused on gratefulness. On the amazing things you have in your life already and on the ones you want to experience.

And sometimes, you should not have thoughts at all. Be still. Meditate. Take a mental break. Leave the noise of your mind for a little bit.

So… stay a while.

In this little corner of the world I will share my thoughts on:

  • Being patient with yourself
  • Appreciating all the little things in your life, big and small.
  • Life as energy and vibrations.
  • The present moment.
  • The law of attraction.
  • Breaking free from Fears and Insecurities.

The list does go on, but as everything, this is a work in process, and I am mentioning the subjects that matter the most to me at this moment in time.

I will also share my manifestations, experiences and realizations.

Also am excited to share my photography work (featured picture on this page is mine!), and hopefully some of my favorite art creations!





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